What age is this game suitable for?

As it is a collaborative game in which everyone participates, the sum of all players is very important. Children from age 8-12 are encouraged to participate but must be accompanied by an adult.


How many people can play?

Each game is designed for 2-4 people.


How long does the game last?

It will depend much on whether you have experience in Escape games, on your motivation and, especially, on the collaboration between the players, but most commonly a game lasts between 50 minutes and an hour and a half. It should be noted that each game is different and that, therefore, the duration of the game may vary from one parish to another.


How much time do we have to solve the seven games enigmas?

There is no time limit to complete the games or a deadline to play. You can play anytime you want; however, there are 200 units of the final games available only for the first 200 people who can make it.


When do we have to play?

The games are designed so that they can be played at any time of the year; they can be a good end to a day of skiing, be part of the summer holidays or an activity to do during a romantic weekend with your partner.


Is it necessary to be on-site in the parish of each game?

Yes, it is essential, since the game is place-based and requires interacting with elements of each location; a sign, a building, a fountain. Everything counts!


Do we need anything special to play? Does it require physical effort?

Each box contains everything you need to play, so that you don’t need to take anything else with you. You’ll just need motivation and plenty of research skills to play. These are not physically demanding games, though you do have to walk and some parishes have a certain slope, but all of them can be completed without needing to be fit. It is advisable to wear appropriate footwear.


Does one game have something to do with the other?

Regarding how the games work, you will find certain similarities between them, which will allow you to solve the enigmas with increasing agility, but each game is inspired by a totally different story that has to do with the place where each parish is located.


What if we get stuck in the game?

Inside each box you will find a help sheet, so that, in case you get stuck, you can still move forward. However, you will have to find the final solution on your own. With effort and determination you will sure reach the end. Always remember that four eyes see more than two, communicate constantly with each other and keep in mind that sometimes things are not what they seem.


Can we share the solution with others?

No, never! Just as you should not explain the ending of a film, you should not share the solution to the game.


How will we know that the solution is correct?

Once you think you have solved a game, you have to go to the tourist office of that parish to check if your solution is correct. If it is, they will place the stamp of their parish in your passport.


Can we repeat the game?

Once a game is solved and finished, it does not make much sense to repeat it. Better save your energy for the next game.


Does any parish have more than one game?

In the case of the parish of Encamp, you can choose whether you want to play the game of Encamp or the game of Pas de la Casa, but there is only one stamp for both.


Is there a specific order to play all seven games?

No. You can start with the parish of your choice. You just have to get the corresponding redeemable voucher first.


What is a redeemable voucher and where can it be found?

Redeemable vouchers can be obtained completely free of charge, in exchange for a minimum purchase amount in specific establishments in the parishes (see the section on the website "Where to get the vouchers").


When and where do we get our passport?

You will receive your passport at any of the tourist offices in Andorra when you redeem your first voucher. You will only need one passport for all the games, which will be used to place the stamps of the seven parishes. Keep it safe until the end.


How do I get the Final Escape?

Once each tourist office has placed the stamp of their parish in your passport and, therefore, you have all seven stamps, you’ll be ready to receive the Final Escape game. Being able to take the game home requires patience and effort, but in return you will receive hours and hours of fun.