I am Ivan Tapia and Cocox is my artistic label where physical art and cryptographic art (NFT) meet.

*Upcoming auction of 361 photographic pixels (7.5cm x 7.5cm) on NFT of the artwork with physical reflection. Title «11117H».


Or the concept of shared artistic property.

Just like the shares of a company, with CROWDART you acquire NFT of an artwork, which are titles that represent the participation of the social capital of that artwork and accredit and transmit your rights as owner of the piece. This means that when you buy a CROWDART NFT of an artwork, you automatically become the owner (in the proportional part that your NFT represent over the total pieces of the complete artwork). You can buy and sell pixels and benefit from the increased value of the artwork.

CRYPTOphisical hybrid CREAtioN.


The work entitled «11117H» is a piece of 150 cm wide by 150 cm high created in mosaic with mixed technique on wood.

At the same time 53X0 F3M3N1N0 is 361 NTF photographs of 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm numbered, unique and limited edition to be acquired through SHAREDART auction.

Physical dimension of the work titled «11117H»

Observe the work very closely, each of its parts, its color, its texture, let a universe of questions take you beyond comprehension. You know that the artwork hides something, although observed so closely you cannot discover what it is.

Read the labels, the words, the opinions, the context that gives meaning to the piece. Discover the words where good or bad does not exist and create your own mental image of what you see.

Now walk away. Little by little, step by step, and try to discover what the image hides, reevaluate the context and confront what you believe with what you see. What was the context hiding for you? What is important is not what it hides, what is important is the process of discovery you go through as an observer.


Crypto dimension of the artwork titled «11117H»

Each crypto piece of «11117H» is a part of the whole and an artwork in itself. Each photograph is a part of something greater that has reflection on the physical plane and at the same time exists on the crypto plane and gives a sense of ownership to the buyer.

The value of each part increases or decreases with the whole. Each part is an artistic currency in itself. The total work remains immutable while its parts travel between people revitalizing the work.

Each individual piece is unique and unrepeatable. There are 361 limited pieces that give meaning to the shared ownership of the work «11117h».

The journey of the parts is what makes the work itself grow.

Physical Artwork

NFT Pieces

The auction of 361 photographic pixels (7.5cm x 7.5cm) in NFT of the work with physical reflection titled 53X0 F3M3N1N0 will be held soon.


I started studying drama at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona and worked as a theater actor for more than 10 years in large format companies such as Comediants and doing performances of my own creation with OOFFCIA.

From there I jumped into communication field creating advertising campaigns and graphic works for big brands such as Nespresso, Orangina Sweppes or Caixabank among others.

Currently I have 15 books/games published with publishing house Planeta (Lunwerg) and Netflix.

I am also a creator of games for big companies enhancing the connections between people.

My latest leap in my search for emotional connection with people is called Cocox.



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