Solve the enigma that hides the private key of a “WALLET” and earn its content.

With a potential of more than:

320 ETH

How does the prize grow?


0.02 ETH



The STOCKROOM hides the order of everything; the steps to solve the puzzles, the sequence in which to enter the key, a guide of what you must do at all times and everything you may need to get to the end successfully.

Although the STOCKROOM image is there for everyone to see, owning an NFT will provide you with additional clues.

#1,000 awards for solving enigmas.

50% of all the benefits obtained by the collection will be added to the wallet that contains the big prize and that will be earned by the first person who manages to solve the enigma.

But that is not the only prize, there are many more.

You will also get rewarded for solving ROOMS, solving puzzles, earning achievements and participating in the community.

The keys are out in the open and anyone can discover them. But, of course, owning one or many NFTs of the collection will give you extra clues that will come in handy to get awards and hit the final jackpot, the big prize.


In the ROOMS you can find the pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to figure out the private key of the ESCAPE ROOM WALLET and get the prize. Even though the images of the ROOMS are here for everyone to see, being the owner of an NFT of the collection gives you access to special clues.

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To help you out throghout the enigma, you can check if the intermediate solutions you are getting are correct. Any mistake you make early on can make you lose a lot of time and cause your strategy collapse like a house of cards.

Furthermore, with the VALIDATOR, you can redeem your awards.



When you buy an NFT from the collection, apart from buying a piece of art, you are getting CLUES that only NFT holders are able to see.

Each NFT contains different clues that you can use whenever you deem appropriate.

We advise you that you, at least, buy the STOCKROOM so you are not completely lost.


Is the ESCAPE ROOM WALLET a limited NFTs collection?

Yes. The ESCAPE ROOM WALLET Collection is a collection of ROOMS and a STOCKROOM in NFT format with limited units.

The pieces of the collection can be purchased on Open Sea and will have exclusive content that only the owners can see.

What do you get by being the owner of a piece from the collection?

1. A piece of art that is a small digital escape room that hides a part of the private key of a WALLET full of crypto.

2. Key clues that will be very helpful in solving the mysteries. Each NFT has its own tracks.

3. Exclusive purchase options, before anyone else and 50% of its price of the next collection of CryptoEnigmas.


What is the artistic value of the ESCAPE ROOM WALLET Collection?

The collection consists of 64 pieces:

– 63 pieces ROOMS that are an escape room in themselves.

– Plus a STOCKROOM piece that is a mega enigma to solve.

The pieces made, one by one using VOXEL, are rooms that hide enigmas and clues in their shapes. The collection is made up of different types of pieces with different levels of exclusivity.

BASIC ROOMS: 5 creations with 50 limited units of each piece.

EASY ROOMS: 5 creations with 45 limited units of each piece.

NORMAL ROOMS: 5 creations with 40 limited units of each piece.

MEDIUM ROOMS: 5 creations with 35 limited units of each piece.

DIFFICULT ROOMS: 5 creations with 30 limited units of each piece.

MEGA ROOMS: 5 creations with 25 limited units of each piece.

RARE ROOMS: 5 creations with 20 limited units of each piece.

LEGENDARY ROOMS: 5 creations with 15 limited units of each piece.

MYTHICAL ROOMS: 5 creations with 10 limited units of each piece.

DIVINE ROOMS: 5 creations with 5 limited units of each piece.

SPECIAL ROOMS: 13 variable pieces. These pieces will be personalized, for collectors, investors or brands and both their editions and their starting prices will vary in each case.

The collection also includes a STOCKROOM. A very elaborate piece, also VOXELmade, that hides all the steps to solve the different enigmas. Although it is not essential in order to solve the mystery, we recommend owning it to have any chance of successfully solving it.

STOCKROOM: 1 creation with 10,000 limited units.

Do the ROOMS and the STOCKROOM hide the private key of a wallet full of crypto?

Yes. The STOCKROOM and the ROOMS hide the coded PRIVATE KEY of a crypto wallet that contains 50% of all the profits generated by the ESCAPE ROOM WALLET collection through sales, validations and royalties from resales.

Can everyone solve the ESCAPE ROOM WALLET puzzles even if they don't buy any piece of the collection?

There are different prizes that can be won by solving the puzzles in the collection. The final prize is the private key of a wallet full of crypto. It is not necessary to purchase a piece of the collection to solve the mysteries, but it is extremely difficult to do so without the clues that you get by owning an NFT from the collection.

Is it necessary to own NFTs from the collection in order to solve the mysteries?

Solving the enigmas is for everyone, since the ROOMS are there for everyone to see (even to those who don’t own an NFT of the Collection) but the puzzles are really difficult and only the first to complete the challenges will win the prizes.

Buying pieces from the collection provides some of the clues needed to solve the puzzles before anyone else and, therefore, gain early access to the different prizes. These clues can be resold once used.

Each piece in the collection gives you different clues. The ROOMS give you the clues to solve that room and tell you how to relate those results to the STOCKROOM as well as extra clues to solve the STOCKROOM. The STOCKROOM gives you key clues to the steps you need to take in order to solve the mysteries.

Are the pieces of the ESCAPE ROOM WALLET COLLECTION a good investment?

Apart from being limited and surprising artistic pieces they are an ESCAPE ROOM in themselves. The NFTs in the collection give you access to key clues to solve the enigmas. These clues are limited.

It is very likely that later, when the prize is really juicy, someone will be missing just that key piece to solve the puzzle. Having these clues in your portfolio can be a great investment opportunity.


What type of WALLET are we talking about?

The WALLET holding the big prize is a METAMASK WALLET. When the Collection launches we will reveal its public key and everyone will be able to see the amount of the prize stored inside it.

The private key that will have to be discovered in order to get the prize has 64 digits and the first person to decode it will have access to the prize.

Is the WALLET really full of crypto and the amount stored inside it will be available to whoever solves the mystery?

Yes. This Wallet accumulates 50% of the benefits obtained by the collection. These benefits will come from direct sales, secondary sales and the use of the Validator. 50% of these benefits obtained will accumulate in the Wallet and will be available to whoever solves the enigma.

How often is the amount of the WALLET updated?

Once the Collection is launched, all the information about the amount of crypto accumulated in the WALLET will be public.

How to decode the PRIVATE KEY of the WALLET?

1. The ESCAPE ROOM WALLET collection hides the 64 characters of the FINAL PRIVATE KEY that you must discover.

2. Connecting the STOCKROOM with the result of the enigmas of each of the ROOMS you will find the characters you need to form the private key. One per ROOM.

3. In the ROOMS, and especially in the STOCKROOM, there are hidden clues about how to use the characters and the order in which they have to be arranged.

4. As you solve the codes, you will discover new actions that you will have to carry out.

5. You can use the VALIDATOR at any time to find out if the steps you are following and solutions you are getting are correct.

6. You can get hints and clues by buying NFTs. These will help you unblock parts of the process.

7. If you solve the puzzle and manage to discover the final private key, you will gain access to the WALLET and you will be able keep all the crypto stored inside it. As simple as that.

Can the private key of the WALLET be discovered from day one?

The private key enigma can only be solved once the 63 ROOMS are on the market. From that moment on, the enigma will be solvable.

Until then, you can claim the rest of awards.


What is the STOCKROOM?

The STOCKROOM is a Voxelmade NFT, that represents a storage room. There are 10,000 units of the STOCKROOM.

What is the STOCKROOM hiding?

The STOCKROOM contains 3 key pieces of information.

On one hand, it is a ROOM that hides a mystery that is related to a digit of the Private Key.

It also contains all the steps you must follow in order to get successfully to the goal.

It contains a small part of the 64-digit private key.

And finally, those who own a unit of the STOCKROOM will receive key clues to solve the puzzles.

Do I need to buy the STOCKROOM to solve the mystery?

No, it’s not necessary to buy it. But without clues it is really difficult to solve and it is even more difficult to find out how is the STOCKROOM related to the ROOMs. You will only know that if you buy a unit of the pieces that make up the collection.


What is a ROOM?

A ROOM is an NFT that represents an ESCAPE ROOM that has to be solved. It is Voxelmade. There are different types of ROOMS. Each type will have a different amount of limited editions or units.

What do the ROOMS hide?

The ROOMS have different types of information hidden inside them.

On one hand, they provide information about the way to solve that particular ROOM and that will be very important to find one of the digits of the Private Key.

On the other hand, they provide key information on how to solve the big enigma and also about the right order of the digits, which is essential to access to the prize.

Do I have to buy a ROOM to solve it?

No, it is not necessary to buy it, but without any clues the enigma is really difficult to solve, and, moreover, it is extremely hard to know how that ROOM will relate to the STOCKROOM. That is the information you will receive if you buy a unit of a piece of the collection.

How often are new ROOMS launched?

To launch a new series of ROOMS on the market, at least one unit of each one of the previous set of 5 ROOMs must have been sold. 10 days after that happens, a new set of 5 ROOMS will be released.

The special ROOMS can come out at any time. Follow the social media profiles of the Collection for updates and many surprises.


What is the VALIDATOR?

The validator is a tool that you can use at any time to check if the results you have found are correct.

Having an error in any of the steps can be catastrophic later on and we don’t want you to miss out.

Does using the VALIDATOR have a cost?

Yes, every time you use the VALIDATOR you will have to pay a small amount: 0.01ETH

How many times can I use the VALIDATOR?

You can use the VALIDATOR as many times as you want.

How does the VALIDATOR work?

A few days before the launch date we will share instructions on how to use the validator.


How many prizes are there?

There is a total of 1,000 prizes. You discover them all in the section : Discover and redeem prizes.

Is it true that the amount hidden in the WALLET will keep growing?

Yes. 50€ of all the benefits obtained by the collection will keep accumulating in the WALLET until somebody solves the big enigma.

How often is the amount of the WALLET updated?

Once the Collection is launched, all the information about the amount of crypto accumulated in the WALLET will be public.

How do I get the prizes?

There are different types of awards and each one has a its particular way of being obtained. Go to: Discover and redeem prizes to know more.

What types of prizes are there?

There are two types of prizes and different ways to obtain them.

Prizes for solution, these prizes are awarded to the first person who solves that part of the puzzle.

Awards for achievements. These are earned, while supplies last, by those who achieve that particular goal. Go to: Discover and redeem prizes to find out more.

How do I redeem the prizes?

You have to go to: Discover and redeem prizes and follow the instructions for each type of prize.


Are the clues essential?

All the codes are visible so you don’t need clues to solve the puzzles. But we recommend that you use one if you get stuck.

The big enigma has many steps and the order in which these steps are performed is very important. Eventhough the clues to discover the order are hidden in the images, having clues about the order can be very useful. This is good advice 😉

You can get clues about the order by buying a STOCKROOM.

How do I obtain CLUES?

Clues are obtained by purchasing NFTs. When you buy a ROOM or the STOCKROOM you get clues that only the NFT holder can see.

The STOCKROOM contains clues about the order. Those will be very useful to know what you should do at all times. Realizing, at the end, that you have done something in the wrong order is not good, believe us. The STOCKROOM also contains some general clues that can help you know where to start.

The ROOMS contain clues on how to solve that ROOM, clues about some part of the STOCKROOM, and clues on how to relate that ROOM with the STOCKROOM.

By following our social media you will also receive some general clues. Follow us on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and DISCORD.

Do I have to pay for clues?

The clues themselves are free of charge. They are part of the information you receive when you buy an NFT. The cost of a clue, therefore, is actually the price you pay when you buy the NFT of a ROOM or the STOCKROOM.


When does the WAITING LIST open?

The project will launch in September and everyone who meets the requirements can now sign up for our WAITING LIST.

Discover the benefits of signing up early and how to do it on our social media.

What do I get if I sign up for the WAITING LIST?

By signing up for the WAITING LIST you will receive some exclusive starter clues on how to proceed in the solution of the enigma.

When will the first set of NFTs be on sale?

In September, the project will be opened and everyone who is signed up to the WAITING LIST will have the opportunity to buy an NFT.

A week later, the project will open to the general public.

How often will new sets of NFTs be released?

The condition for the launching of new NFTs on the market will be that at least one edition of each of the ROOMS already on the market is sold. Ten days after that happens, a new series of NFTs will be released.

When will the new CRYPTO ENIGMA promised to NFT holders of the collection be released?ón?

Once all the ROOMS are on the market. Along with the launching of last set of ROOMs, the new CRYPTOENIGMA will be revealed.

What happens when all the prizes have been awarded?

The ESCAPE ROOM WALLET collection is a limited collection of NFTs, and, as such, the collectors of the collection will be able to sell or buy, if they wish, the NFTs of the collection at all times. 50% of the benefits earned by the collection after anyone solves the WALLET will go to the new CRYPTO ENIGMA.



CRYPTO ENIGMAS is a commercial brand that focuses on the creation of games, puzzles, visual games, escape rooms and other smart games related to CRYPTO, NFT and the METAVERSE.

Who is behind CRYPTO ENIGMAS?

Behind CRYPTO ENIGMAS you can find one company and 4 people.

On one hand, COCOLISTO, is a company that specializes in the creation of smart games in the non-virtual world, and now is creating CRYPTOENIGMAS to be a reflection of that in the CRYPTO world.

On the other hand, the project is run by a team of 4 professionals: IVAN TAPIA, SILVIA SANFELIU, ENRIQUE GOMEZ, IVAN SAIZ

Does CRYPTO ENIGMAS have more projects?

The future is an enigma in itself, but we plan to launch new and exciting projects. We will keep you posted.