Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that answer possible doubts that may arise before or after obtaining the Andorra Escapeland suitcase.


How can we get the Andorra Escapeland suitcase?

You will get the Escapeland Andorra suitcase once you have stamped your Escapeland passport up to seven times, that is, once you have solved the mysteries of the seven parishes that make up Andorra.

What should we do to get the passport?

To get your passport and each of the games of the parishes of Andorra you have to visit any tourist office in the country.


What should we do when we have the entire passport stamped?

Go to any tourist office, where they will check your passport and give you the Andorra Escapeland suitcase.

What equipment do we need in order to play?

It is essential to have scissors, paper, pencils, internet connection and a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

How many people can play?

Ideally, one to four people should play; in this way it is possible to ensure an optimal gaming experience. This does not mean that there cannot be five players, although this might complicate the distribution of tasks and game material a bit.

From what age is the game recommended?

Our recommendation is from the age of ten, but it will depend on how much experience you have solving games of this type. What is essential is that there is always an adult supervising the proper functioning of the game.

How long does the game last?

The game lasts 60 minutes. However, taking into account that you need to connect to the website and prepare the material, the total duration of the experience can be of 75 minutes.

Is it a competitive or collaborative game?

The game is collaborative, as all team members have to work together to solve the mystery.

What are the ideal situations in which to play?

– In terms of space, we recommend using a large table where all team members can access all the material and, if possible, with good lighting.

– As for the team, we recommend playing with family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Any case is ideal for developing multiple skills.

Is it possible to play more than once?

No. As this is a game based on the phenomenon of escape rooms, there are a series of challenges to overcome in order to decrypt a final enigma. Once you have succeeded, the experience could not be repeated, as you would already know the answer to all the mysteries.

What is the difficulty level of the game?

We consider it to be of medium difficulty, although your previous experience playing games of this type may make this one more or less difficult.


When can the suitcase be opened?

In order to start the experience you need to access the URL that appears in the QR on the suitcase. There you will be told when it can be opened.

Is it necessary to enter the website?

Yes, because there you will find clues and essential elements to solve the mystery.

Are there any clues?

Yes, when you are playing, a clue will appear on the screen every little more than a minute.

What happens if the session is closed before the time is up?

The next time you connect you will start from the beginning.

What happens if the time is up and we haven't solved the mystery yet?

There is no problem; you can continue playing until you solve the mystery. You will simply be out of time. 


If we liked the game, can we play it again?

No, since you will already know the answer to the mystery. However, you can make someone else play while you play the role of game master.

How can we publicise the game?

You can post an image on social media playing the game and tag Andorra’s tourism institutions.



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