Clues to the different enigmas.

Sant Julià de Lòria - Clues to the enigma

– Each of the lines passing through the character’s eye points to a letter. 

– You can use a straight object to see the direction of each of the lines.

– Put the letters in order to find a number.

Sant Julià de Lòria - Answer

– The code is:   100

Escaldes - Engordany - Clues to the enigma

– You have to use «yes» or «no» to find out the code.

– Use the line dividing «yes» and «no» by placing it on top of the Roman numerals.

– When dividing the Roman numerals in two, the top part, that is, the «yes» part, is key.

– By dividing the Roman numerals in half, the upper part forms different Roman numerals.

Escaldes - Engordany - Answer

– The code is:  542

Encamp i Pas de la Casa - Clues to the enigma


– You have to overlap the lines to find out the code.

– The overlapping lines form letters.

– Draw the lines exactly where they meet.

– When all the lines are joined together, three numbers can be read.



– You must find one detail common to all the numbers.

– The detail is in the shape of the numbers.

– There are numbers that have holes in them and others that do not.

– You have to add up holes, not numbers.

– To find the code, add up all the holes in the numbers above each of the question marks.

Encamp i Pas de la Casa - Answer

– Enigma on the left, the code is:  967

– Enigma on the right, the code is:   324

Canillo - Clue to enigma

– Each numerical sequence hides only one answer.

– All the numbers in the margins of the image must be joined together with a line in the order indicated in each of the sequences.

– When the numbers are joined together according to the sequences, a number is drawn.

Canillo - Answer

– The code is: 652

Ordino - Clues to teh enigma

– Below the logo in the image there are three symbols that are repeated in the background of the image and are key.

– One of the symbols contains the other two symbols: triangle and circle.

– If all symbols with circles are selected and joined with a line, they make up a number.

– The same must be done with the other two symbols.

Ordino - Answer

– The code is: 965

La Massana - Clues to the enigma

– The shapes on the right and left of the image can be joined together.

– If the image were folded in half, the shapes would make up numbers.

– Each of the shapes makes up a number.

– The order is top to bottom.

La Massana - Answer

– The code is: 835

Andorra la Vella - Clues to the enigma

– Shapes are key.

– In the background of the shapes are hidden numbers. Some of them are missing a small part.

– The shape indicates the order. If you look closely you will see that they are letters (A, B, C).

– The numbers are written in dark pink and the empty parts of the numbers in light pink.

– You have to arrange the hidden numbers in the order A, B, C.

Andorra la Vella - Answer

– The code is: 523