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The social escape room is an escape room by videoconference. We connect people and relate them to your brand through the game

More than 500,000 people have already played with Cocolisto and now they CAN PLAY WITH you

Escape room by videoconference, Escape Book saga, escape hall for companies, Vinigma, etc. In Cocolisto we are specialists in creating smart games and more than 500,000 people have played with us. Do you want them to play with your brand? 

Now you can generate interest, capture the attention of your audience and generate engagement reaching new costumers, thanks to personalized videoconference escape room games.

Make them have fun with family and friends,  who know your brand, remembers you


We create social escape rooms by videoconference to connect people. We have different types of packages and modalities to solve the needs of companies, organizations, municipalities, institutions, professionals and schools that want to connect with their users, citizens, students, workers or followers.

¿What is a social escape room ?

A social escape room is a team game in which you have a certain time to achieve a goal. In order to succed, you must solve puzzles and  pass tests, always sharing information with others. 

The difference between a classic escape room and The Social Escape Room is that is played by videoconference and  can be personalized with your brand, product or service.

What do you contract with SOCIAL ESCAPE?

One or more escape room with limit time.


The clue of escape rooms is the time. Achieving the game goal in an specific limit of time is what makes this kind of games were so exciting and challenging. In The Social Escape Room, we create for you the games you need, so only plays whoever you want and whenever you want. We can create different games with different temporal objectives.


The time in the escape room.

A classic escape room have 60 minutes of play. But in The Social Escape Room we go further. We can create shorter games, 30 or 45 minutes for quick actions, or 24-hour games for memorable actions if that’s what you need.

Each game has different phases.


A geme, in order to be powerful, it is not enough with a final objective. Each game must have different subobjectives or levels that the player achieves as he progresses through the game.



The game flow.

A good game flow is necessary to maintain the tension throughout the game. So the games in The Social Escape Room are made up of phases and modules.

Each phase is a screen that has to be solved to advance in the game. Each phase can have from 1 to 6 sub-objectives. We can create different game flows, with different phases, depending on your needs.

Your personalized game.

Your image, your brand, your url, your colors, your products, your messages, your content. We can customize the games as you like and at different levels. In the end, we are creating your Social Escape Room.



It is your Escape Room.

We offer different levels of customization. From standard games with your branding, to games with tests designed for you. You choose the level of customization you need.

As many players as you like in as many games as you want.

Once you have created your game, as many people as you want can play it for as long as you decide. We can leave the games open or nail down a limit of players. In this way you always have data and control on number  of players.



Everyone can play

Once your game is uploaded to the platform, everyone you decide to give access will be able to play it 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We will inform you about the number of people who are playing and you can stop it at the time you think appropriate.

The players you want per game.

The clue of a good escape room is the equipment. The tests must be designed to keep the whole team active and motivated. This is essential for a good gaming experience.



Players per game.

In The Social Escape Room we can create games with different numbers of players. Do you want to create special games for couples? Or do you prefer a classic 5 player escape room? Do you want many participants playing at the same time? Tell us what you need and we will create your game.

Different types of code to play.

The Social Escape Room works with a code system that allows you to have control of people who participate at anytime. You only pay for the codes that are used, not for the codes that you give.



A game, a code.

To enter a game you need a code. A code is composed by letters and numbers with sense (ESCAPEOOMDETUMARCA) or without sense (XCD56RTG03). In The Social Escape Room there are two types of codes; unique and universal.

Unique codes.

Unique codes are removed once they are used. So these codes can be given in exchange for actions such as buying a product, by clicking on a social network. It’s possible to give codes for an specific group of people. Although they share the code, no one else can use it.

Universal codes.

Universal codes can be used as many times as you like as long as the game is open. People can give them, share them, or hang them on their social networks and anyone who has it will be able to play the game with that code.

Expiration and limit.

The codes have an expiration of one year. You decide the game limit. For example: a brand can have an active game, let’s say for 5,000 players, so it can give millions of codes but only the first 5,000 will play and only those 5,000 will be charged unless the brand decides to expand the capacity.


We are Cocolisto. Specialists in creating games and intelligent training experiences for companies and individuals. We have worked for important brands such as DELOITTE, ESADE, SANTANDER, EVERIS, KIABI, SANOFI, CAIXABANK, NESTLÉ, GRUPO PLANETA, TORRES OR SCHNEIDER ELECTRICS among others.

We are also the creators of Escape Book saga with more than 150,000 copies sold in Spain and translated into 12 languages.

For years, Ivan Tapia, founder of Cocolisto has worked  as artistic director of content creation campaigns for brands such as: NESPRESSO, SUNNY DELIGHT, CEFA TOYS, RTVE, RON MALIBU or CHIQUILÍN, among others. Where he has known on his first-hand the needs of the sector.

So now we create The Social Escape Room, it is not only an escape room games platform by videoconference but a fantastic tool to interact with workers, customers, suppliers and consumers.


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